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Our 22nd Have a Heart Radiothon is fast approaching. This one-day radiothon hosted by Bell Media will be on location at Home Hardware, June 13, from 8am to 6pm. In conjunction with corporate matching donors PETRONAS and Apex & Accent Dental the FSJ Hospital Foundation invites the community to show its support towards our residents at Peace Villa. This years Have a Heart proceeds will be going to purchase additional butterfly tables and pressure relief mattresses for Peace Villa.

Peace Villa Residential Care Manager, Pat Evans shared the impact of last years purchase. “It is well documented that residents moving into long term care are often plagued by loneliness.  We work to relieve that loneliness by providing a large variety of social experiences. One of the fundamental social experiences is to enjoy a meal in the company of others.  This is true for those of us living in our own home and for those who move to LTC.  Typically, social interaction at mealtime, while accessible to some has been limited for many residents.  Residents requiring extra supportive seating were unable to see each other while receiving mealtime assistance. We were unable to assist those who were taller, shorter, or restricted to single height wheelchairs.  With the purchase and implementation of the butterfly tables we are able to customize the seating needs for all of our residents regardless of their height or proximity needs.  Some individuals were so tall that they could not effectively swallow after bending over to the standard height table to reach their food.  Others in wheelchairs lost the freedom to feed themselves because they could not effectively reach up for their food. The butterfly tables are able to adjust the multiple heights and seat depths to allow every resident to have an enjoyable meal with social engagement and happiness.

Not many improvement projects benefit both staff and residents.  In addition to the ability to customize to the needs of individual residents, these chairs have been able to reduce staff injuries and add enjoyment to staff work.  Standard tables and chairs require that staff member must assist a resident to sit in a chair then lift and push the chair forward to get it close enough to the table to allow eating.    There is risk to staff from the weight and motion under force and to the resident who is often afraid and unsteady.  The chairs purchased are able to swivel to the side for safe resident seating then wheel forward for correct table alignment.  We have seen an improvement in resident comfort and capability and well as a reduction in staff injuries and an improvement in the meal assistance work.

We are truly grateful for your generosity in helping us to provide exceptional care for our residents and improved work environments for our staff.”