We appreciate that every donation is a choice – a decision to support our hospital and change the lives of our patients has a powerful impact. It is with this knowledge that we hold true to those that choose to make a difference and guides everything that we do to represent the thoughtfulness and generosity of people who are the very fabric of this community.

The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation, as a partner in health care for our community, are engaged in major campaigns that contribute to the acquisition of critical and substantial pieces of medical equipment to enhance patient care and comfort at the Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa Residential Care Facility. Learn how you can help so that together we can make an impact.

We are inspired by our donors’ generosity. Your decision to give back, and your support of the hundreds of thousands of patients that our hospital serves helps transform healthcare for our community.

You are our champions – Thank you


Greatest Need

Gifts are prioritized to the area of greatest need to support the purchase of much needed equipment through all departments of the Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa Residential Care Facility.

Peace Villa

Donations of any size can be made to help purchase equipment that increase the care and comfort to the 123 residents of the Peace Villa Residential Care Facility in our hospital.

Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment

Donations designated to this fund help to outfit the community Cancer Centre and the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Maternal Pediatric

Equipment made specifically to meet the needs of the region’s youngest citizens is purchased with donations designated to this fund. Gifts directly benefit children, babies, and maternity patients.