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In partnership with ConocoPhillips the FSJ Hospital Foundation recognized healthcare workers, with the 2nd annual You Make a Difference recognition campaign hosted May 6 to 17.  This campaign is focused on celebrating our healthcare workers and the tireless work they do. No one feels the strain of the healthcare system greater than those that work in it. Our healthcare workers are passionate and driven individuals who work tirelessly to provide an essential service to our community. The You Make a Difference campaign offered healthcare workers a breakfast sandwich and coffee sponsored by ConocoPhillips. The highlight was Friday May 10, when the ConocoPhillips team and the Foundation team handed out over 400 rose bouquets to the healthcare workers at the hospital and Peace Villa.  These roses were received with big smiles and much gratitude. To ensure all our healthcare workers were recognized roses were delivered to the community healthcare workers on May 14. This gesture was greatly appreciated by all, and everyone was delighted to be recognized individually for the work they do. It was a honour to be part of a wonderful feel good campaign, a big thank you to ConocoPhillips and their Montney team for your time, and resources to make this happen and thank you to the City of FSJ for sponsoring a basket for one lucky healthcare worker.