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Last year the FSJ Hospital Foundation had a very generous donor step forward and donate in support of a hand/wrist MRI Coil and a foot/ankle MRI Coil. We are happy to share with you these coils are now in use in the MRI department. These specialty coils are ergonomically designed to improve patient comfort, image quality and increase efficiencies. The notable difference the new coils have made is in regard to patient care & comfort is the new coils allow the technicians to get an increased quality of image while also making it much more comfortable for the patient as well as decreased scan time. Our patients no longer have to hold uncomfortable positions for long periods of time for us to get diagnostic images…Win Win for both patients and healthcare workers.  This year the FSJ Hospital Foundation is looking at supporting the purchase of an MRI Body coil further enhancing the services of the medical imaging department here in Fort St John. We would like to hear from you if you have had the opportunity to have a scan with one of these new coils? We invite you to share your story with us.