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[FORT ST. JOHN, January 16, 2024] – The power of enduring friendships that transcend into family bonds is beautifully exemplified by Dean & Brenda Baumeister, Doug & Shelley Gallinger, Cameron Martin & Heather Popkes, Duane Jaschke, and Irma Baumeister. These remarkable friends, now a chosen family, joined forces at the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation’s Be an Angel Gala on November 4, 2023. Together, they secured a record winning bid of $21,000 for the “I Remember Quilt,” a heartfelt endeavor to immortalize Hubert Baumeister’s name as a timeless tribute to his memory.

This isn’t the first time this close-knit group has rallied for such a cause. In 2021, they secured a winning bid to recognize Vance Dancy’s (Brenda Baumeister’s dad) on the quilt. In November 2022, their unwavering support continued as they won the bid to memorialize Roxanne Jaschke  (Duane Jaschke’s wife) in the same way.

Reflecting on the losses they’ve faced, Brenda Baumeister shared, “We’ve had three significant losses in our group of family and friends over the years, starting with Vance. Roxanne left us far too young in life, followed by Hubert. It was important for us to see Roxanne’s name embroidered into the quilt, memorialized between Vance and Hubert, who she identified as her adoptive dads, and both saw her as their own daughter. Our group of friends are not only close with each other, but also with our families.”

Hubert, born in Germany in 1939, moved to Canada with his wife, Irma, in 1966, and settled in Fort St. John in 1968. A successful bricklayer, Hubert eventually formed his own company. Together with Irma, he owned a motel, farmed, and operated logging trucks. Remembered as a father, friend, mentor, a gentleman who put others first loved to travel and give the best hugs, Hubert’s legacy will forever be cherished through the “I Remember Quilt.”


A highlight of the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation’s Be an Angel Gala is the “I Remember Quilt,” meticulously crafted by volunteers in 2007. This unique quilt offers a poignant opportunity to honour the memories of departed loved ones. Each year, during the Be an Angel Gala, the quilt is auctioned, with  the winning bidder receiving the honour of having their beloved’s name sewn into the quilt—a lasting tribute. Over the years, the quilt has raised over $90,000.  It is displayed at the Hospital, outside the FSJ Hospital Foundation Office.