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In addition to the MRI Body Coil the Foundation is looking at purchasing a bone density scanner. This Bone Densitometer is primarily used to predict fracture risk and assess osteoporosis/osteopenia associated with age, menopause, medical treatments, genetic conditions, or other chronic health conditions.  Because there are so many risk factors contributing to osteoporosis, this feature alone will benefit a very large patient population.  In addition to determining bone density, this technology has also been utilized for the evaluation of compression fractures, atypical femur fractures, and even metabolic health with the LUNAR Prodigy’s total body composition program. This scanner not only provides optimal precise images, but also helps us prioritize patient comfort and safety. This investment will allow the Fort St. John Hospital to continue providing high quality care in bone densitometry for many years to come. In 2023 over 426 patients were scanned, this number is expected to increase to 500 in 2024. The current scanner is at its end of life and no longer serviceable.  We are looking for a community partner for this piece.