Donor Recognition Wall

The Donor Recognition Wall is located near the Cafe, just past the main lobby.
We recognize anyone who has accumulatively donated over $1500. Every donor matters to us and we appreciated all the support that our community has given.

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Endowment Wall

Endowment donations are held in investment accounts to assure the longevity of the Foundation for years to come.
To have a named endowment donors provide a minumum of $50,000
Thank you to all who have supported the foundation for years to come.

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Memorial Wall

Donations are made in memory of an individual, to honour who they are. When an individual "in memory campaign reaches $1000 their name is included on the Memorial Wall

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Baby Bouquet Wall

Celebrating the birth of a newborn by forever recognizing them with a petal on our Baby Bouquet Wall.

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CT Scanner Wall

The purchase of the CT Scanner was made possible by the amazing support of our donors.

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