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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 21:44

Giovanna Mucci establishes Edmondo & Giovanna Mucci Endowment Fund with a second donation of $50,000!

The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation was honored to have a second donation of $50,000 from Giovanna Mucci on July 6th.



Giovanna Mucci presenting Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Moore, and Board Chair Chris Maundrell with a donation of $50,000

Giovanna decided to further build their legacy by establishing the Edmondo & Giovanna Mucci Endowment Fund, in memory of her late husband, Edmondo Mucci, and herself.  Giovanna stressed the importance of giving in the community in which you live as these are the services she is and will be accessing in the future.

“We are so pleased that Giovanna has created such a wonderful legacy for her and her late husband with the Fort St John Hospital Foundation.  Her donation today will create ongoing income for the Foundation to purchase equipment in all departments across the hospital and Peace Villa, for years into the future.  We are humbled to be the stewards of this legacy,” says Jennifer Moore, Executive Director of the Fort St John Hospital Foundation.

Edmondo and Giovanna arrived to Fort St. John in 1959 from Italy.  Together, they were hardworking business owners in the community for 50 years; starting with Westend Grocery, and then went on to own and operate 4M Furniture for 35 years.  Giovanna indicated that it was important to both herself and Edmondo that they give back to the community that supported them and their businesses over the years.

Endowment Funds are important to the Foundation as they ensure a sustainable and secure source of future funding regardless of the economic climate.  This ensures that we are not only able to supply current equipment needs though our annual campaigns and fundraising efforts, but will continue to have an effective role in supporting the Fort St. John Hospital & Peace Villa will in the future.

The Edmondo & Giovanna Endowment Fund, like the other named endowment funds, is a fund to which anyone may contribute gifts.  Individuals or business wishing to create their own lasting legacy through a named endowment fund are encouraged to contact the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation office.